As predicted, by the calendar, January, 2015 is here. And it's cold. It was 11 degrees today and 40 mph gusts. The crew has moved operations inside.  We'll finish up the grounds after the thaw, as planned.  

barn wide.JPG

The majority of the framing is done and we're about to get the electric roughed in so we won't have to run 300 feet of cable from the house for too much longer.   

We've also finally got the right bathroom fixtures after half the parts sent were wrong.  But now we have everything.  Sinks. Toilets, Faucets.  It's all looking very rico suave.  

Deliveries have been hampered lately by the fact that no one wants to come down our driveway. For good reason, it's icy. You can get down but you might not get back up. The truck driver coming from Newburgh had a few choice words before we let him know he could leave the sinks at the top of the driveway and we would sled them in.   I'm glad we're not planning any winter events right now.   

ice pumpkin.JPG

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