It's ACTUALLY here.  I mean, I knew it was coming, but I still can't quite believe it made it, and it looks freaking amazing.   The barn frame, antique siding and cupola arrived on two flatbed trucks yesterday morning.  

Getting all the pieces onto the property via two flatbed trucks was no problem, but after the semi turned around it couldn't get traction on the upward sloping field. Oh man. The driver would back up and rev forward, over and over, each time tearing up a little more grass and not making any headway.   The guys from Heritage Barns helped out with their lift machine thing (that's my name for it, not there's) and pushed the semi from behind.   With the extra shoving, both trucks got out eventually.  Relief.  I didn't want two trucks marooned on the field just as we were getting started.   

Within an hour, Heritage started to assemble the barn on the foundation like giant lincoln logs, and then hammering the joints together with a Beetle (That's their term for the giant hammer, not mine.  I call it The Mario because it looks like his hammer from Donkey Kong). 

Many of the timbers, disassembled and on the ground, looked so much longer and larger than I remember when I was inside the barn last spring.   Especially the rafters.  It's hard to get a sense of the scale when so much of it is above your head and out of reach.  Soon, much of it will be out of reach again.  

Monday is barn raising day.