Actually, Alana and I never met, but I did get to know her a bit over the past six months.   Alana was a guest at the Handsome Hollow farmhouse this past year after finding it through Airbnb.  She and her boyfriend Chad came up with some friends for a weekend getaway.  In our initial emails she included a link to her blog and I poured through the entries.   I was jealous. She's beautiful, smart, great taste, unique ideas, has all sorts of amazing baked goods that I could never do myself and then these ridiculously awesome naked wedding cakes. Give me a break, Alana.  I closed my laptop.   

Then a couple weeks after her stay, she contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in a styled wedding shoot on the property.   So wait, what?!  Of course!  I was feeling very lucky.

mason jars

Three months later the gorgeous photo shoot and video, by Alana and the team she pulled together. appeared on Ruffledblog.  

Alana followed that up with two posts on her blog detailing the shoot. I couldn't be happier to have Handsome Hollow be part of her vision.   Here are the posts:

P.S. I'm still jealous.

rehearsal dinner